Hitman Blood Money playthrough: Mission 8

Mission eight: Till Death do us Part. The second of the two Mississippi missions, this time set during a wedding party; the targets are a business man, Pappy LeBlanc, and the groom of the wedding. One of the mission objectives is a "strictly no touching" policy on the bride of the wedding meaning the targets must be taken out precisely; not a problem here.

Hitman Blood Money is classified as "18" in the UK and "Mature" in the US which means that it is unsuitable for minors; fairly warned be thee.

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An "actually" heavy narration (11 times), dwarfed by how many times I say "but" (25 times). I also muddle up my words towards the end of the narration and mention switching back into the gang-member's disguise when I mean going to that point and switching back into the starting suit, I imply I'm already walking around in the gang member's suit so this makes no sense. The narration overran the first time I did it, but instead of redoing it entirely I sliced out a bit of silence towards the end and everything synched up. I also say "a invitation" which is terrible grammar, however I was planning on saying "a party invitation" but my brain discarded "party" en-route to my mouth. I'm also overly cynical when describing the comments levelled at you by the guards, they are amusing the first time you hear them, but repeated cries meant I got tired of them very quickly.


Play time: 13:27
Rating: Silent Assassin
Retrieved suit: Yes
Accidents: 2
Close Combat Kills: 0
Bullets fired: 0

This mission and the next one are all about patience rather than skill. Discovering how to take out the targets is easy enough and there is a wide variety of ways to do it, some of which I cover others include poisoning the wedding cake or setting bombs in cunning positions. I inferred during my walk through that I tried to speed things up mainly through sniping the groom before, during, or just after the wedding ceremony which works but always results in his body being discovered by someone which drops the rating down.

Pappy LeBlanc is the easiest to take out and if I was playing for speed then I could have sniped him as well rather than spending a couple of minutes going and pushing him into the grave. If you read into the story surrounding the mission then it's implied that Pappy LeBlanc's family has something to do with cloning as there is a mention of "cloning labs" in the newspaper article once you've completed the mission.

You can talk to the bride if you're in the Hitman suit or a party guest disguise and find out where Pappy LeBlanc is but I cut the conversation short just to demonstrate you can talk to her but there is no good reason to. After this mission she goes on to win a lot of money in Vegas after gaining the inheritance of her father and/or deceased husband.