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Correlations and theories on Eureka Seven AO

As a way of organising my thoughts and pontifications on Eureka Seven AO before the airing of the final episodes, a semi-coherent brain dump (with subheadings!):

  1. Terminology and background
  2. Timeline
    1. Past
    2. Present
    3. Future
  3. Map
  4. Factions and organisations
    1. Scub Coral
    2. Secrets
    3. Allied forces
    4. United Okinawan and Rykyu Archipelago
    5. Generation Bleu
    6. Gekko State
  5. Characters and groups
    1. Ao and Noah
    2. Naru
    3. Truth
    4. Eureka
    5. Elena Peoples
    6. Ivica Tanovic
    7. Team Harlequin
    8. Team Goldilocks
    9. Nirvash
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. Quartz and Quartz Gun
    2. Third Engine
  7. Theory
  8. References
    1. Callbacks to Eureka Seven
  9. Notes and versions
    1. Version 1.0 - 2012-11-02

Terminology and background

It's assumed that you have seen all of the currently released episodes of Eureka Seven AO (22) not including the OVA and you have at least a familiarity with the original series (characters, general storyline, items of note etc.). Knowledge of the movie, Pocket Full of Rainbows, is not required. Spoilers are implicit and constant. As the AO storyline deals with time travel, alternate histories and possibly parallel worlds, "the past" is anything that happened prior to the first episode of AO, "the present" is the continuity shown in AO and "the future" is anything that happens forward of them. As there are also multiple Nirvash units existing at once, a bracketed suffix will indicate who is piloting it and not what time period it comes from as there is very little crossover of pilots e.g. Nirvash (Ao). Uppercase common words (e.g. Coral) are shorthand for their longer form (Scub Coral) but are left lowercase when possible (e.g. trapar). Any references to Eureka Seven (the 2005 series) will be labelled as "the original series", "the first series" or just E7.

Unless otherwise specified, all information and quotes are obtained from the GG fansub release. Episode number references for the relevant information are used in case of translation differences and for general housekeeping.


While the earlier part of the series is littered with date references on photos, videos and phones, the latter half is almost completely absent until the assault on Generation Bleu HQ.

The series is split into several distinct arcs: episodes 1-4 which detail Ao joining Generation Bleu, 6-11 are episodic but introduce Truth and Team Goldilocks, 12-14 is Eureka's return and the fallout from that, 15-17 are Operation Polaris and its ramifications, 18-20 is the downfall of Generation Bleu and 21-22 are the reign of IFO Zero. Episode references that kept coming up again and again were 14 (Eureka returns), 16 (Polaris) and 20 (Generation Bleu assault).


  • "Age of the Vikings", [Alternate History] North Pole light recorded to have been seen near Vester islands, Norway (Episode 17)
  • 1703, Scub burst in the Carribean Sea (Episode 21)
  • 1752, Scub burst in Philadelphia, USA (Episode 8)
  • 1952, Scub burst in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • 1955, Scub burst in Tokyo, Japan (Episode 9)
  • 1960, Tokyo Sky Tree already completed (Episode 13)
  • 1980, Generation Bleu is founded to "protect the Earth" (Episode 7)
  • 1981, Scub burst in the Caribbean Sea (Episode 21)
  • 1987, Scub burst in Quebec, Canada (Episode 5)
  • 1995, Scub burst in Malacca, Malaysia (Episode 5)
  • 17th July, 2000, Gazelle is born (according to possibly forged passport, Episode 9)
  • 12th April, 2012, Nirvash emerges from a pillar of light, rolls and ejects a pregnant Eureka (Episode 12), also the first air-date of Eureka Seven AO
  • 2012, Ao and Naru are born
  • 2015, Okinawa Incident
  • 2015, Last confirmed date of the Mark I Nirvash functioning
  • April 2017, Photo of Johansson and a young Truth in the Johansson book, "TRUTH" (Episode 12)
  • 2020, Christophe's wife and Fleur are in a traffic accident, Christophe uses his wife's organs to save Fleur
  • 2020, Elena Peoples (original) was caught up in a Scub Burst while on a Caribbean Cruise and died (Episode 11, 21)
  • 2020, Elena Peoples (Ellen Brooks) is deposited on the Caribbean Sea shore by Eureka (Episode 21)
  • 2023, Elena begins training as an IFO pilot with Generation Bleu (Episode 11)
  • 2023, Miller is scouted by a Generation Bleu talent scout in the Cavern Club, Manchester, England (Episode 11)
  • 17th July, 2023, Gazelle is in the US on his Swiss passport (Episode 9)
  • 2024, Mark I was withdrawn from action (Episode 2)


  • April 2025, Ivica and Christophe as well as Elena and Fleur are in a ruined Tokyo (Episode 1)
  • 7th April, 2025, 11am JST, Artificial Scub Burst on Iwato Island, Ao and Nirvash defeat the Secret
  • 8th April, 2025, Ao Fukai is taken to the Naha Metropolitan Special Administrative District by and Iwato island resident (Episode 4)
  • 8th April, 2025, 17:24 JST, Ao is pictured by the sister (bar owner) of an Iwato island resident
  • April 2025, Scub emergence in Colombia (Episode 5 and 6)
  • 16th April, 2025, Truth invades Generation Bleu HQ (Episode 7)
  • 16th April, 2025, 7pm Proposed time for the Miller and the Mirrors concert in the Generation Bleu HQ
  • April 2025, Naru goes willingly with Truth (Episode 8)
  • 25th July, 2025, 20:27, Nakamura is meeting with in Nagoya, Kokkaigijidoumae about budget estimates (Episode 9)
  • 1st August, 2025, Gazelle lands in mainland Japan on a Swiss passport
  • August 2025, Scub emergence in Tokyo Bay using damaged Quartz left over from 1955 Tokyo Scub burst
  • August 2025, Scub emergence in Phoenix, Arizona
  • August 2025, Scub emergence, outside of Earth's atmosphere, intercept launched from POSEIDON (Episode 12)
  • August 2025, Gekko Go lands within Japanese waters, East of Ogasawara, Eureka emerges from it and is 6 months pregnant (Episode 13)
  • August 2025, a ghostly form of Eureka appears to Renton within the Gekko Go, claims Secrets are not the enemy
  • August 2025, Eureka is forcibly ejected by Nirvash (Eureka), enters the pillar of light and is embraced by a ruined Nirvash (Unknown), Gekko go is forcibly scuttled by Generation Bleu
  • August 2025, Naru reappears on Iwato Jima (Episode 15)
  • August / September 2025, Scub Coral begin to reactivate, Operation Polaris, Ao uses the Quartz gun to erase the Norwegian Scub Coral (Episode 16)
  • September 2025, Ao defects from Generation Bleu to the Allied Forces (Episode 17)
  • September 2025, Ao rejoins Generation Bleu after Elena and Fleur rescue him after activating their Third Engines (Episode 18)
  • 21st September, 2025, 21:14 CEST, Several fortress-class IFOs take off from Ramstein Air Base in Germany to attack Generation Bleu Headquarters (Episode 19)
  • 22nd September, 2025, POSEIDON destroyed by debris storm caused by Truth destroying satellites, Truth causes a confluence explosion when attacked by Quartz launched by Christophe Blanc
  • 22nd September, 2025, Assault on Generation Bleu headquarters which is totally destroyed, IFO Zero Codename: Canon merges with Truth, TRITON is offered sanctuary by the Japanese and lands at Nyutabaru Air Base (Episode 20)
  • September, 2025, Three Secrets protect the Japanese shoreline from the U.S Seventh fleet, Ghost Eureka appears to Elena, Elena and Ao clash, Truth and Canon intervene (Episode 21)
  • September, 2025, Ao and the Nirvash (Ao) are saved by Naru through the Scub Coral, Truth and Canon begin their journey towards Iwato Island


  • 12005, Gekko Go data retrieved by Georg (Episode 13)
  • 12021, An older Renton is spotted in a ruined New York City, sees seven pillars of light ("Seventh Swell") and uses Nirvash (Renton) to fly into the pillars (Episode 22)


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Factions and organisations

Scub Coral

According to the original series the Scub Coral is an alien life form that crashed on Earth and first came into contact with a coral reef, assuming its form. The Coral eventually completely encased the earth with human-kind living on top of it but with constant tectonic movement. A natural by-product of the Coral's metabolism is trapar (Episode 14) which is primarily used as an energy source when a "Plant" is set up around the Coral.

In AO there are two states for Scub Coral:

Emergence: when the Coral appears in the present time, sometimes with objects from its origin embedded within it - either coincidentally or purposely as Eureka explains with regards the Gekko Go (Episode 13).

Burst: when a Secret comes into contact with a Scub emergence, a Burst occurs which, according to the Secrets is when localised space around the Coral is destroyed (Episode 20). The size of a Burst is four times the "size" of the Scub Coral and the Secret put together (Episode 4). The uncommon term for a Burst is a "confluence explosion" and is usually used when a Secret comes into contact with Quartz rather than Coral.



Secrets are initially the antagonists of AO and take many forms, mostly of totems such as a Viking boat (Episode 8), snake (Episode 10) or carousel (Episode 6) until becoming more human as the series progresses. Called G-Monsters by the general populous, they known by Allied forces and Generation Bleu personnel as Secrets. Any semi-autonomous parts of a Secret that are separate from it are called Options. Secrets appear alongside a Scub Coral emergence. The Secrets describe themselves as a natural process created to eradicate alien material from this dimension (Episode 15). This is first assumed to be the Scub Coral, but is in fact the Quartz found at the heart of the Scub emergences. The Secrets are eventually taught to talk by the Allied forces, specifically the National Institute of Physical and Chemical Research in Kyoto, and strike a deal with Christophe Blanc to stop destroying the Quartz themselves and to aid Generation Bleu in their efforts. When the captive Secret is first revealed to the world, it is labelled as TYPE: THE MAN.

Allied forces

A conglomerate of nations with both the US and Japan confirmed as members with Britain, France and Germany as other likely candidates. Seems most similar to NATO. The mandate of the Allied forces is unknown though likely set up due to the threat of Scub Bursts throughout history.

The Allied forces obtained ownership of the wrecked Nirvash unit when Eureka abandoned it in 2015. It was researched and repaired using tax dollars from relevant countries (Episode 8) and relabelled the Mark I.

United Okinawan and Ryuku Archipelago

Set up in the wake of the Okinawan 2015 Scub emergence when it became tenable to "mine" trapar as an energy source. As a result Okinawa become prosperous with the Ryukyu islands and Naha city becoming highly technologically advanced. As a result Okinawa demanded independence from Japan (sometime after 2015 and before 2025, Episode 2) which was, ostensibly, authorised; however with the Allied forces staking a claim on Okinawa (with talk of security money), it is widely held that their independence is on paper only.


Generation Blue

Founded in 1980 by Christophe Blanc, Generation Bleu is a privately owned company whose original mission was to "protect the Earth" from the Scub invasion. This has always been their prerogative with their unsaid mission in 2025 to remove the Quartz from Scub Emergences. This directive is changed by Christophe in September 2025 when a new deal is struck with the Secrets with Japan as underwriters.

Generation Bleu's headquarters is located in Switzerland in a mountainous region (place unknown) and is built out of items supposedly found in the Scub Coral. The headquarters houses several thousand people and is estimated to be about the size of city (Episode 5), however it is also intimated that the Swiss headquarters is not the only base of operations for Generation Bleu. This would imply they are either satellite offices or otherwise incapable of sheltering the TRITON when it flees the destruction of the headquarters (Episode 20).

Generation Bleu used money from that American PR company, Big Bleu World, to establish themselves and who remain a major stock holder (up until the company's dissolution). Both Rebeckah Halstrom and Stanley are members of Big Bleu World sent to oversee operations and maintain their employer's interests.

Gekko State

Only shown once in the series (Episode 4) as a generic, formless protest / counter-culture group.


Characters and groups

Ao and Noah

The star of the show, Ao as a character is the least mysterious of the primary cast. His history is intriguing, specifically the origins of his family, but his motivations are largely transparent.

Ao is an outsider in his birthplace, treated as a pariah due to his mother, Eureka, falling from the sky and bringing "misfortune" to Iwato island. This causes a conflict within him with the arrival of the Scub on the island - he wants to save his home but similarly knows he will be ostracised even further because of it. After piloting the Nirvash (Ao), he is pushed into an emotional corner by the island natives (Episodes 3 and 4) and, feeling like he has nothing left, he departs and joins Generation Bleu.

Of course Naru is (supposedly) the only one on the island who treats Ao as an equal rather than an alien which, given their ages, fosters a familial bond between the two with Ao wanting to protect the then frail Naru from harm; going so far as to join Generation Bleu with the ulterior motive of finding aid for Naru's affliction. Up until her disappearance (Episode 7), Ao fights in the Nirvash (Ao) for Naru (the first opening credits even have Naru appear in Ao's visor) but after it becomes clear Naru no longer needs help (Episode 14), Ao becomes wayward and combined with the drastic consequences of firing the Quartz Gun (Episode 16), begins to find solace in Fleur and Elena, both of whom share his feeling of isolation and abandonment.

Noah, the sloth saved by Naru at the beginning of the series, comes along with Ao and provides some light hearted entertainment but also seems to act as a compass for Ao's current attachment, clinging on to the person who he currently identifies with. Beginning with Naru, he moves on to Ivica and, for a spell, Bruno and Team Goldilocks, eventually coming back to Ao mirroring his growth as a character and his new found self-reliance.

Ao's birth is one of the series' persistent mysteries with all signs pointing towards him being Eureka's child (cyan hair, red eyes, memories of childhood) yet at no point has Eureka confirmed Ao is her biological child. The first indication comes when Ao sends Eureka into the pillar of light when she states outright she is pregnant with a girl ("My baby's a girl!" Episode 14); there are then multiple references to Ao being the "child of the Coral" by both Truth (Episode 17) and Naru (Episode 14) as well as Ao himself who has a dream of being subsumed by the Coral (Episode 15). To complicate matters there is the image Naru sees of a child in the foetal position within the Coral who bears a resemblance to Ao as he currently is, this would render Ao's memories of his childhood moot though and it is more likely this child is Eureka. This confusion could be explained by Ao's status as a human (Renton) Coralian (Eureka) hybrid but the absence of any confirmation is perplexing.

More so is the fate of the baby girl Eureka was carrying when she first (from her perspective) arrived in Ao's timeline. It is stated outright that this is not Elena who confused Eureka's timeline as her own (Episode 21) and when Toshio Fukai, Ao's grandfather, is asked about the possibility of an older sister, he seems genuinely surprised (Episode 14), deflecting the answer (and somewhat implying Eureka is Ao's sister).

Like Renton before him in E7, Ao's future no doubt includes him finding out the truth of his origins and accepting who he is and where he fits in within the world rather than trying to fight against those who would use him (the Allied forces, Iwato islanders) for their own means.



Ao, I wanted to fly together with you. Not to be embraced by you.

A stereotypical childhood friend at the start of the series but a strong and confident enigma by the end, Naru is a confusing and divisive character. The opening episodes do not paint her in the best light with an inconveniently frail body (moe++) and a fixation on Ao and her relationship with him ("Ao is hopeless without me", Episode 4). Though probably not a crush in the conventional sense, she lives vicariously through Ao seeing him as having the opportunities and means that she doesn't ("Just think about how much better you are compared to me", Episode 1). That disjoint between Ao and Naru, the implied superiority never leaves their relationship and is a cause of much friction between them. No more clear is this than when Ao leaves Iwato island, with Naru's almost final words to him "I don't have anything else to give to you" (Episode 4) and Ao's rather loaded goodbye to her: "Stand back Naru" (Episode 4); when they meet again, Naru's words to Ao are simply: "Ao, I wanted to fly together with you. Not to be embraced by you." (Episode 14).

Naru naturally wants companionship, but more than that she wants an equal, someone who doesn't see her as sickly or inferior and for a while at least, she finds that in Truth. Fitting then that her Nirvash unit has two cockpits, whereas Ao's only has one; but as the apple of Ao's eye, he naturally wants to protect and shield her (Episode 14) which is not equality and she shuns him for it, eventually becoming exasperated by his chauvinistic behaviour when he implies she may in fact be his sister (Episode 22).

Naru's freedom comes from Truth, who introduces her to the Scub Coral which resonates with the Coral that has taken root within Naru. Her transformation occurs quickly, as she is able to communicate with the Coral and learn the truth of how it came to Earth and likely the reason it is travelling back in time. From then on she is seen to have an affinity with it, being able to teleport both herself and items (such as Ao and Nirvash) between Coral emergences. The Coral also seems to protect Naru when she is in danger, shielding her when attacked by Truth (Episode 16).

The affliction Naru is seen with at the beginning of the series comes from the Scub emergence in 2015 when she is exposed to the immense trapar released when Eureka teleports / time-travels away after. At the time, she is also shielded by the coral in a human shape which she refers to as the "Sea Giant", assumed to be a local legend based around the large rock outside the cave Ao hides the Nirvash (Ao) in. She originally mistakes the Nirvash for that giant but soon comes to realise her mistake. Her affliction - symptoms of coughing, shortness of breath and general weakness - is the first case of the Coral Carrier "disease" (Episode 17) and is all but non-existent when Naru is in contact with the Coral. Whether this is due to the proximity of trapar is unknown, however intense amounts of trapar, such as those generated by the IFO Zero (Episode 22), are known to make the Coral within a person accelerate and consume the body.

Naru is last seen speeding towards the restrained Truth/IFO Zero unit in her Nirvash (Naru) with Ao and his Nirvash (Ao).



The Secret that was spawned alongside the 2015 Okinawan Scub emergence, humanoid in form but with detachable forearms. After Eureka removed the large Quartz from the Coral, the Secret became confused and fused (or was taken in) by the Scub Coral. In the process the Secret lost its memory and took on human form to better integrate with the world.

Found crying at the Scub Coral site by Johansson, Truth as he was then named, told Johansson what he could remember of the alternate history ("true") world which was recorded in the Johansson scriptures, a book called simply "TRUTH".

Truth is first introduced (Episode 6) as a shape-shifting schemer, taking down a drug cartel in Myanmar (Burma) as well as posing as a financial instrument consultant and disrupting the finances of the Republic of Peru.

"No matter how much blood we spill. No matter how much wealth we return to oblivion, we cannot find the way to fix this world. Why won't the world answer us?"

First attacking Generation Bleu headquarters head on then taking Naru under his figurative wing, it is shown that Truth is somewhat insane and confused but largely knowledgeable of the mission of the Secrets. He at least understands the need to "save" the world, he just lacks the necessary strategy on how to achieve it. For a spell he teams up with Tanaka with the aim of "destroying the world" and acts under the pseudonym of "Fire Cracker", an unstoppable hacker thanks to his ability to manipulate individual electrons.

It isn't until Eureka turns up that he becomes entirely unhinged, seeing her as his nemesis. Operation Polaris (Episode 16) sees Truth lose everything, with Naru demonstrating that she no longer needs his guidance to interact with the Coral and the captive Secret telling him point blank the reality of his situation. Attempting to destroy the Quartz capsule, he fails and attempts to infiltrate Generation Bleu headquarters disguised as Christophe Blanc. After he is revealed, a dying Christophe Blanc creates a confluence explosion, supposedly destroying Truth.

He however merges with an experimental IFO locked deep within GB, the IFO Zero Codename Canon, and at the end of episode 22 is heading towards the Okinawan Scub plant, his last goal.



The enigma at the heart of the series, how and why Eureka is jumping through time (both corporally and ephemerally) is the most important question the series has yet to answer. She has, as far as we can tell from the series, only appeared in corporeal form twice, in 2012 when she gave birth to Ao on Iwato island and in 2025 when she appears on the ruined Gekko Go. It could be extrapolated she appeared in 2020 when she delivered Elena to the Caribbean Sea, however it's likely she left immediately afterwards. Judging from what she says, her 2025 appearance is her earliest one and is when she claims to be pregnant with a baby girl. Her appearance in 2012 comes, for her, after this as she is able to name different people.

Her ghost-like appearances come at different times and are marked by a difference in dress, wearing a blue coat, white trousers and a flower in her hair. The first time she appears is on the Gekko Go (Episode 13) in front of Ao, she then appears again when Naru enters the Nirvash (Naru) for the first time (Episode 14), then when Ao is taken into the water (Episode 17) claiming "We meet again, you've grown so much!" (Only a few days have passed), and again in the Allied base in front of Maggie and Elena (Episode 21).

Of course Eureka herself is a complicated character, from the first series she is revealed to be the emissary of the Scub Coral, a literal blank slate. As the original series progresses she has several run-ins with the Scub Coral, the last of which gifts her the wings which we see when she carries of the Quartz in 2015. This makes her overall mission in AO confusing, as she is the first to openly claim the Secrets are not the enemy, the Secrets' mission being to eradicate alien presence from the world/this dimension, so why would Eureka willingly facilitate her kin's destruction?

Her timeline then (from her perspective) is estimated to be:

  • 12020~, Eureka and Renton allow the Scub Coral to consume the Gekko Go
  • 2025, Eureka appears in a Scub Emergence, six months pregnant with a girl and with the Gekko Go and Nirvash (Eureka), speaks with Ao and then enters a pillar of light and is embraced by a ruined Nirvash
  • 2012, Eureka and Nirvash (Eureka) appear over Iwato island, Nirvash throws out Eureka and disappears, Eureka gives birth to a baby on Iwato island and is looked after by Toshio Fukai
  • 2012-2015, raises Ao on Iwato island
  • 2015, Eureka takes part in an Allied Forces operation against the Okinawan Scub Emergence and demonstrates how to quell the Coral by removing the Quartz, she jumps through time using the Coral
  • 2020, Eureka saves Elena from a Scub Burst in the Caribbean Sea, leaving her on the shore-line in a different time and disappearing
  • 2025, Ghost Eureka appears in the Allied Forces base "Hey, do you know Ao? What happened with the Quartz?" (Episode 21)
  • 2025, Ghost Eureka appears in the Nirvash (Ao) "We meet again. You've grown so much!" "Ao. Do you understand now... About what happened to me?" (Episode 17)
  • 2025, Ghost Eureka appears on the Gekko Go in front of Renton "Return to where I belong, return to Renton. Only you can do that." "Please, a terrible thing is about to happen. The Secrets aren't your enemy." (Episode 13)
  • 2025, Ghost Eureka appears in the Nirvash (Naru) "Naru. Please help Ao. He's on a mission to destroy the Scub Coral." (Episode 14)

Eureka is able to use the Quartz herself to jump through time (Episode 14) which seems similar to her ability as a Coralian to speak directly to the Archetypes (Nirvash et. al.) and implies that the Quartz is part of the Coralian ecosphere. Her motives for doing so though, like the nature of the Quartz, is still entirely unknown.


Elena Peoples

Initially the comedic relief in Team Pied Piper, Elena is tech savvy and a pop-culture boffin, frequently quoting lines from anime (Episode 11) or seen downloading episodes (Episode 19) and acting as the typical anime minx. In reality however, she was experimented on as a child in a research facility for children born in trapar-dense areas (Episode 11), before that though she was known as Ellen Brooks and was brought from the past by Eureka who claims she was about to be caught in a Scub Burst (Episode 21). Abandoning her by the Caribbean Sea, Eureka is despised by Elena who mistakenly believes that she is from Eureka's time - any appearance by her is met with uncontrollable fury (Episode 14).

Confusion and alienation however are core to Elena's character, even her name having been taken from a girl who died in a cruise accident (Episode 11). Finding she looked remarkably similar to Miller, a musician scouted by Generation Bleu, Elena eventually kills her and assumes her identity, including performing in her band (Miller and the Mirrors, Episode 7) and covertly gathering information for the Allied Forces (Episode 11). The disassociation Elena feels with her past makes her callous and fickle, joining the Allied forces after they assault Generation Bleu HQ but eventually running back to the Triton after her rebellion against Ao, whom she feels inferior to, turns out to be futile.

All that Elena desires is companionship, having not grown up with a mother or a father and feeling discarded by Fleur and Ao and Generation Bleu, she turns to the Allied forces, only to find that the one thing she held on to, that she would eventually be taken back to her home where she would fit in and be at peace, is just another fabrication.


Ivica Tanovic

Originally from the Balkan Peninsular, Ivica is the head of Team Pied Piper and shows an unwavering loyalty to protecting the children who pilot the IFOs, likely stemming from losing a wife and child in the Balkan war which erupted after a Scub Burst.

Still raging during 2015, Ivica was called up to service in the Allied Forces during the Okinawan Scub emergence and it was there he met Eureka. Once the Scub emergence was quelled, Ivica states (Episode 14) he must return to his country:

"Many sons are close to losing their mothers there."

The Balkan civil war was eventually ended with the help of the Big Bleu World PR company who crafted a story about ethnic cleansing, forcing the rest of the world to choose sides, eventually leaving Ivica without a home country, isolating him and, like Ao, eventually finding a home at Generation Bleu.


Team Harlequin

Eyes in the sky, Team Harlequin are Generation Bleu's last line of defence ensconced aboard the POSEIDON space station and consisting of three pilots: Liu, Lerato and Rjkumar (Episode 22) and their XO, Hannah Mama. Their primary mission is to safe-guard the Quartz which is removed from the Scub Coral emergences and stored on the station in the "Small Arc", that is until it is used in Operation Polaris (Episode 16) when it is launched onto Earth.

Before the attack on Generation Bleu's headquarters, the POSEIDON is destroyed by a debris storm caused by Truth and Team Harlequin descend to earth with their experimental IFOs (stated to be able to work in space) and align themselves with Big Bleu World until the TRITON's alliance with Japan and the Secrets takes effect which sees them rejoin the beleaguered TRITON crew.


Team Goldilocks

The second ground team for Generation Bleu, Team Goldilocks is comprised of: Maev McCaffrey, pilot of the Air Supremacy IFO GLORIA (RA121); Chloe McCaffrey, pilot of the Elint IFO REQUIEM (RA169); and Maggie Kwan, pilot of the Bombardment IFO CREDO (RA302). Maev and Chloe are sisters who were born in Ireland but moved to the Vesteralen islands near Norway with their parents who had jobs at the Coral Plant there (Episode 15). In the alternate history Maggie grew up in Hong Kong near the Chinese Coral Plant in the South China Sea (Episode 21).

Goldilocks is largely used as a backup team to Pied Piper however their efficacy is unknown as their first real mission (Episode 5) ends with the destruction of their ship, the MEDON, and the sacrifice of their XO Bruno. Bruno is replaced by Stanley (second in command beneath Chrisophe of Generation Bleu), however when Ao fires the Quartz gun (Episode 16) and erases the Norwegian Coral from time, Team Goldilocks no longer exists. Obviously without that Coral, Maev and Chloe never moved to Norway and never initiated whatever formed the team in the first place. Both Maev and Chloe are later (Episode 17) shown to still be living in Ireland with their parents who have opened a bakery. Maggie meanwhile joined the Allied forces as an IFO pilot - thanks to her status as a Coral Carrier - and joins in the assault on Generation Bleu headquarters (Episode 19); when she comes into contact with her IFO on the Allied base, she has a momentary flashback of her alternate history.

Shown to be very closely knit and empathetic team, Goldilocks and their XO Bruno take a shine to both Ao and Noah when he joins, watching over him when he is injured just as Ao watched over them after their disastrous mission.



The Nirvash unit is complicated to explain, primarily because it is present in several different timelines and exists within the present in at least two forms: the first is the one that Ao pilots, Nirvash (Ao) and is referred to be the Allied forces as the Mark I; the second is the one piloted by Naru, Nirvash (Naru) which she retrieves from a normal coral reef (Episode 14) and seems to be modelled on the dual piloting unit found in the original series. While Naru's unit has not been shown much, neither her's nor Ao's have shown the temperamental attitude or the autonomy that the original series' unit  does.

The complicated part comes when Eureka is involved, showing up in one unit in 2012 which becomes the Mark I and subsequently Ao's. She is then in another unit when she shows up in 2025, this unit she abandons as she heads towards the pillar of light (Episode 14) and it assumed this becomes Naru's (dual piloting setup), however, Eureka is embraced by a ruined Nirvash unit as she heads into the pillar which it is assumed comes from a different time-plane. The final unit (so far) is Renton's from the far future (Episode 22) which is in the final form from the original series.

This leads to several theories as to where the different units come from, the single piloting model coming from the earliest time period and the dual piloting model coming from later (it isn't until far into the original series when that Nirvash is remodelled). This is at odds with Eureka's time-slips which in 2025 (dual piloting model) is her earliest known appearance and 2012 is the second (solo piloting model).

Eureka mentions that Ao's Nirvash looks a lot like the one that Renton was "building" which ties in with the fact that Eureka can access parts of Nirvash (Ao) that no one else and confirms that it is related (somehow) to her, but why it shows no autonomy is unknown though likely has to do with what Naru states (Episode 22):

"Your Nirvash doesn't have an Archetype"

An odd thing to say as in the original series all LFOs (Light Finding Operations) had an Archetype that was dug up out of the Scub Coral and were controlled via Compac Drives, apart from Eureka who could communicate directly with them. Obviously none of the IFOs (note the letter change) in the present have this as all the Coral up until 2015 was destroyed by the Secrets, so how Ao's Nirvash operates is unknown given that it is the same unit Eureka used in 2015 which acted without her direct input. This is at odds with the IFO Zero which Truth merges with which apparently does have an Archetype (Episode 20) which would explain why it was "found" in the aftermath of a Scub Burst rather than created as all units after Nirvash (Ao) were (Episode 15).

A number of questions around the Nirvash still remain to be answered, primarily how it can exist in so many different time-lines at once and more subtly, why the Nirvash seems so hell-bent on destroying the Secrets, and specifically Truth (Episode 14).



Quartz and the Quartz Gun

The Quartz is the nexus of everything that happens within AO. Shown as a mysterious, glowing cyan stone its primary ability seems to be travelling through time, with Eureka remarking in Episode 17:

For the Quartz, time and space are the same

Never mentioned in the original series, the Quartz is likely the cause of the calamity that befell the future (Episode 22) with both the Coralians and the humans (Eureka and Renton specifically) attempting to eradicate or control it. When a Secret comes into contact with Quartz it "erases the surrounding space" (Episode 20), this seems to be an autonomous reaction rather than wilful as demonstrated when Christophe attempts to destroy Truth (Episode 19).

It is easy to see that the Quartz is the reason for the Scub Coral emergences given the presence of it at the heart of every one, but it takes on a whole new form during Operation Polaris when the Third Engine in Nirvash (Ao) reacts with the Quartz and forms the Quartz Gun. Fired only once during the series (Episode 16), it is an unspeakably powerful weapon that erases objects from having ever existed, in the first case the Vesteralen island Scub Coral - interestingly enough the Secrets that were destroyed by the mandalas the Quartz Gun produced were still "remembered" by the Generation Bleu staff.

The nature of the Quartz Gun is of course tied with the nature of the Quartz itself, a comment Eureka makes (Episode 17) says that the weapon is "imperfect" and is likely what Renton (in the future) was searching for. During the assault on the Generation Bleu (Episode 20) the Quartz Gun draws out and then absorbs all of the Quartz located beneath the headquarters, implying that "perfecting" the weapon involves absorbing all of the Quartz that is available. This is backed up by the percentage counter that pops-up when the gun absorbs some Quartz (Episode 21) and the almost single minded focus the gun has on absorbing Quartz when it is nearby, acting like a magnet to it. What the weapon is capable of when it has absorbed all the Quartz and is "perfected" is still unknown though the ability to wilfully change time (rather than just erase objects) seems likely.

As for what the Quartz is, the Quartz Gun demonstrates the same kind of autonomy that Nirvash showed in the original series and with Eureka (Episode 14), likely explained by the "KONPAKU DRIVE IS ACTIVE" message that appears on the Nirvash (Ao)'s dashboard when the gun is reclaimed from Truth (Episode 17). In the original series the Compac Drives (official translation) allowed humans to interact with the LFOs which could imply the Quartz is the building block for the Archetypes (Archetype "seeds") or what the Compac Drives are in fact constructed out of. This would explain the Quartz-like bracelet Eureka is wearing when she transports Elena (Episode 21) and why she holds it to Ao's heart (Episode 3), saying that it will make "Nirvash remember you", and why it displays both Ao's and Eureka's names when Ao first holds it (Episode 1).

Regardless, the truth behind the Quartz will likely underpin the climax of the series.


Third Engine

Mentioned as far back as the second episode, the Third Engine is portrayed as trapar powered propulsion (Episode 16) that can only be activated if enough spiral power emotion is displayed by the pilot. Nirvash (Ao)'s Third Engine was one of the only parts of it that researchers couldn't get working but is casually mentioned as being fully functional (Episode 16). Elena and Fleur's engines meanwhile have restrictions placed on them, likely due to the initial incident with IFO Zero, however these restrictors are removed but the engine only activates when the pair admit why they are going to rescue Ao (Episode 18). The activation of an IFO's Third Engine is usually signified with the eyes of the unit glowing green. The exception to this is when Ao descends to the bottom of Generation Bleu headquarters to retrieve the Quartz Gun (Episode 20) when the Third Engine red rings glows pink just before the gun goes out of control, what this colour change signifies is unknown.

In all likelihood the Third Engine can be thought of like Evangelion's "synchro rate" which defines the affinity between a pilot and their unit and a more attuned pilot equates to a better functioning machine, in this case the ability to operate the machine from atmospheric trapar rather than standard propulsion.


My theory on the main story behind the series mutates as further information is organised but the main thrust of it:

After the events of Eureka Seven a calamity befalls the Earth wiping out a large portion of the remaining humans, judging by Renton's age in Episode 22 this is likely within ten to fifteen years of the end of E7 given that series started ~12005 and Renton is shown in 12021. Whether this calamity has anything to do with the Quartz or whether the Quartz is a side-effect of time-travel is yet to be seen. Regardless, Eureka and Renton construct a plan to stop the calamity, allowing the Scub Coral to consume the Gekko Go and then travel back with it. This is the 2025 version of Eureka.

The Secrets, like the Coralians, are an alien or trans-dimensional life form sent to retrieve or destroy the Quartz which is causing havoc by sending Scub Coral back in time, the Secrets are described as containing both organic and inorganic (mechanical?) matter (Episode 15) which means they could have been constructed by someone. It is unlikely they are a version of the Coralians or Archetypes given any contact a Secret has with Quartz causes space around the Quartz to be destroyed, much like matter and anti-matter making Secrets anti-Quartz. The reference to Type-THE MAN and strapping the captive Secret's head to Elena's Kyrie is likely a red herring.

The bracelet Ao retrieves that was worn by Eureka is held by Renton in 12021 but doesn't have any of the Quartz glow on it yet, the idea behind the bracelet is probably a lot like the Compac Drives of E7 in that it is used to communicate with the Nirvash, except with no Compac Drives in the past and Eureka knowing Ao would have to use Nirvash, she brought the bracelet back like a MacGuyver Compac Drive. It's unlikely it has the 11th hour significance that Eureka's necklace had in E7.

Speculatively: the final episodes will see Ao revealed not to be Eureka's child but, like her, a child of the Coral except from the present time rather than the future. Eureka's baby girl will not have survived the time-jumps. Nirvash (Renton) will stop the IFO Zero / Truth but not kill him, once the Quartz Gun has been "perfected" by absorbing all of the remaining Quartz a face-off between Ao and Renton will ensue as to who will use the gun and for what. Renton will want to stop the future calamity, Ao will have to face his abandonment issues and want to "fix" the current world. Eureka will be torn between Renton and Ao, Nirvash will sacrifice itself using the Quartz gun unwinding the past and future to a point where it never existed and couldn't interfere. The goofy moon writing in the future will remain.

Pot luck: the calamity that befell the future was caused by the Quartz Gun in the past hence the pillars of light seen by Renton out at sea in 12021 which mark an erasure from the timeline. Eureka and Renton are the only ones who survive and are trying to stop the weapon being used (hence Renton trying to "find" the gun, episode 17). The paradox is that by trying to stop the weapon being used in fact creates it.


Callbacks to Eureka Seven

Anything of note that isn't immediately obvious (e.g. Eureka, Gekko Go etc.)

  • Episode 25 "World's End Garden" - the "pile bunkers" that supposedly give stability to the ground are seen on the Scub Coral in Episode 1 and Episode 13
  • Episode 12 "Acperience 1" - the "Zone" aerial Coralian seems to have a close vocabulary to the "Zone" of the Secrets in AO
  • Konpaku Drive - Kon from soul, and paku from body, only mentioned when the Quartz Gun is reclaimed by Ao in Episode 17

Notes and versions

Version 1.0 - 2012-11-02

The original version of my notes that I kept while watching the series are available if you're at all interested, they will likely be difficult to use if you're unfamiliar with them. Also I make no apologies for the madness on display or for calling Rebekah "ladycakes" until I finally learned her name.

I've now watched most key episodes of the series several times and can reference most episodes by their number according to content, whether this is a good thing or not I'm unsure. The amount of research that has gone into this is way beyond anything I expected, covering a two hour film seems like childs' play compared to this. Notable exclusions from this post include Fleur, Rebeckah, Christophe and Gazelle Corp. who I originally planned to write about but found they were uninteresting or added nothing, Fleur especially has little mystery beyond "was in a car accident" and "has daddy issues".

Discussion and corrections are of course welcomed and encouraged, I'm aware my theory leaves a lot to be desired but Eureka's baby girl still throws most ideas I have for a loop. Likewise I can't make up my mind whether Ao is Eureka's maternal child or not, my head says they wouldn't be coy about it if he was, but my heart expects it to be a double bluff and be a "of course you are silly!" moment. Interesting counter-theories gladly received.

Responses to “She's A Rainbow”

This is a good amount of data you have put together here. Most of your theories make sense as well. The scenario I put together from the show is that you are right in that something bad does happen in the future. From what Renton said, it had something to do with the scub coral becoming the enemy and they needed to be destroyed. As a result the scub coral needed to find a way to safety and they used Quartz to do so. Now in the original E7, the scub made Earth uninhabitable for 10,000 years before the humans returned. This connects the timelines so the events that would've lead humans to leave earth happen in E7:AO's time period. Due the scub traveling back in time from the future, Secrets developed naturally as Earth's antibodies. Also in the future, Eureka and Renton discover with the birth of their baby girl that a halfbreed child cannot survive environments with high trapar concentration, which is why she is sent back to 2000s.

Now here are some of the plotholes I couldn't understand through my viewing of the show. First, Naru. In reality, she was of almost the same level as the high priest Norbu from E7, yet was of little significance to the show. Second, assuming that the destruction of the secrets in this time period would have led to humans fleeing the Earth from scubs, then would have just allowing the bursts to happen prevent all of the future problems in the original E7? If the scubs and quartz were destroyed, then the limit of questions wouldn't have been even close to occurring in the 12,000s.

One of the biggest plotholes that has me confused is the existence of multiple nirvashes. Now, standard models like the Neo make sense. Renton could build those replicas easily. However the original MK I (red and white/Naru's) evolved into the green and white nirvash at the end of E7 so it shouldn't exist; at least not with an archetype, but it did in fact have one. Also the full nirvana nirvash became the control cluster in E7 so that should also no longer exist. In the E7:AO timeline, type TheEND was shown briefly in the ruins of GenBlue. That should not be possible since it was destroyed to save Dominic and Anemone. The existence of type Kanon could be possible if it was somehow transported inside a piece of scub coral and sent back to that time, however its origins were never explained either.

One argument I would bring of with your pot luck is the quartz gun being the cause of the calamity. The fact that Renton was able to see that seven swell was because the quartz gun was fired. All of those pole lights in Renton and Eureka's original future are access points to different points in time. The seven swell he sees is basically the creation of a pole light that leads to Ao's time. However, they also neglect to mention how Renton's world has so many pole lights. There were 3 in Ao's time from firing the gun, so Renton would have 3 as well. Yet there were many more. Any of methods of creating a pole light weren't explained. However each pole light almost serves like a lighthouse from Bioshock Infinite. Each leads to a point in time with a potentially different universal timeline. For example one of those pole lights assumingly led to the 1940's era that Johansson and Truth were from; yet another could be the same but with scub, or lasers, or any number of things.
Amazing work in compiling all this information. It is just what we all needed to have a clearer grasp of the situation when the ending comes. I just hope that BONES reads this post since it most likely took more work than what the writers are doing.

Now my two cents: it may be just me, but the child in fetal position is clearly a girl, watch closely. So it can't be Ao. Eureka is a possibility and also Ao's hyper dimensional sister.

Next, since timelines are parallel, the first thought I had when Eureka said that she was carrying a girl is that this Eureka is not actually Ao's mother, but not that Eureka is not his mother. Perhaps in another timeline she had a girl? Ghost Eureka's attitude toward's Ao is clearly that of a mother.

Finally, Renton find's the body of Eureka and her child in and says "Not here either" which sounds like he has been searching for them, most likely trough time, so I don't think that happens in 12021 but rather in a parallel timeline around 2025.

Thanks for an amazing post!
It seemed to take an age to get everything in order in my head, but now you've gone and jumbled it all again! In order:

I'm also fairly certain it's a girl and not Ao, especially as Naru is visiting Eureka's (E7's) timeline. But it did catch me off guard when I first saw it and the sporadic talk of Ao being a child of Coral.

I hadn't ever thought of there being paralell (concurrent) timelines - I had assumed there was just the one and Eureka and the Coral were just jumping around it. It opens up a whole new set of opportunities which I'll have to ponder on. Otherwise I agree that Eureka's actions are that of a mother, but they could also be that of a devoted guardian like she was with Maurice, Maeter and Linck in E7. So I have little doubt she raised Ao on Iwato when he was young (note what she says in episode 14 about looking after him), just whether she gave birth to him.

As for Renton finding Eureka and her child's body in the future - again I had never thought of them being people Renton knew, especially as the LFO toy was just a generic model and not (for instance) the Nirvash or Devilfish. The translation I had was "It's no more over here too..." which I took to describe whatever cataclysm befell the future and Renton exploring the extent of its effects (hence him being in New York). It would make sense though him searching for Eureka through the different "time planes" (as Eureka describes them), again, something I'll have to devote some more thought to - possibly with a version 1.1...

Thank you for reading and for your response! I'm even more keen now to see what the last two episodes have in store.
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