The last Evangelion 3.x post I'll write

In an attempt to do something a little different to the information dump that was my last Evangelion post, I've made a micro-site for my Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo thoughts and theories and musings:

Any feedback you have on this experiment, content corrections, technical misgivings or general Evangelion banter, please use the comments below (n.b. spoilers).

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Just saw it again, and checked back here.

Correction: Kaworu Nagisa, at the end of Evangelion 2.X, impales Unit 01 with a Spear of Cassius, not the original Spear of Longinous. Now, in 3.X, Kaworu is perplexed at the existence of two Spear of Longinous impaled in the giant white carcass at the bottom of Terminal Dogma.

Chaostangent, I've posted a review here:
Saw the film, thanks to UTW.

Mini review: One thumb up and one thumb sideways.

Top-notch animation, great action, interesting direction from the canon and the last film.

But it was ruined by one incredibly stupid moment.

I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to spoil the film in the comment section, though?
Great, I just read your entire blog on E3.x.

I enjoyed it and thank you for the effort and time.

My biggest gripe is with Shinji's sudden determination to pull the spears that he didn't have just a few minutes ago. Plus, after he compliments Karowu on knowing everything, he ignores his condition and express orders in some desperate desire to ... what? Fix everything?
Hmm, my understanding of it was that Shinji had been offered a way to "fix" what had happened in N3I by using the two spears (Longinus and Cassius) with Eva-13. Kaworu's pep-talk when he obtains the DSS choker he says something along the lines of "what was done by Eva, can be undone by Eva". So for Shinji the spears were his salvation from his guilt of basically destroying the world.

Yes he should have listened to those around him, not least of all Kaworu who was the one who told him about the spears in the first place, but Shinji is nothing if not selfish and naive.

I'll grab UTW/THORA's translation and see how they handle that preamble as I may have misread it.
Right, that was my understanding as well.

Once Kaworu balks at seeing that both spears are the same, he tells Shinji to stop, that they're aren't the "droids they're looking for." Shinji just replies selfishly and naively that they should just go ahead and pull the spears anyway, that's why he got in the Eva.

The incongruency is that Shinji praised Kaworu for knowing everything, that he informs him of the original mission. Despite that, despite everyone telling him not to pull the spears that he didn't even know about a while ago, he goes GARR and cuts the controls from Kaworu.

Enter Fourth Impact.

I eagerly look forward to the final film, but I don't have much faith in Anno to provide much way of answers this film raised, much less a closure to the series.

The title alludes to the Eva Rebuild films, doesn't it? :)
I'd like to weigh in and comment, i.e., criticize your take, make a few declaratives and conclude with much authority on a certain interpretation, but I haven't seen Evangelion 3.X. Instead of watching craptacular camrips or importing the japanese BD, I have two options - wait for a subbed version to hit the internet or wait for the american disc a year later. Tsk.
The site will be ready for whenever you get the chance to see 3.x. I certainly can’t advocated importing the way the prices are. But I look forward to your response!
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