Now that I'm back from my trip to India it would be a little odd to write retrospective blog posts on it; unfortunately both time and internet connectivity conspired against me writing any posts beyond the first two. From what my friend had told me, I expected the internet connection to be limited, but its stoic unreliability meant that uploading photos or trying to write anything in Google Drive (my go-to place for writing) was all but impossible.

For expediency then, I'll gather together all the different media that I accumulated while there below. Right now, a day after I travelled back, I don't have much else to add.


Twitter was my main source of updates, most tweets between 01 Nov 2014 and 16 Nov 2014 are relevant. For photos, Flickr is the best source for this. I've already uploaded an unprocessed batch but it will likely be a few weeks before some processed ones will be uploaded.


I used GPSLogger for Android to record routes while out and about. I set the precision to 25 metres and update frequency to 1 minute so the routes aren't 100% accurate but my battery life thankfully remained largely unaffected.

01 Nov 2014 - Trip from the airport

02 Nov 2014 - Journey to Palolem beach

03 Nov 2014 - Route through Old Goa

11 Nov 2014 - Hot air ballooning

12 Nov 2014 - Jodhpur fort

13 Nov 2014 - Car journey from Jodhpur to Udaipur

14 Nov 2014 - Boat journey in Udaipur


If you prefer a more connected storyline then I've put together a Storify story.