Hitman Blood Money playthrough: Mission 11

Mission eleven: Amendment XXV. With the ICA closed up and Diana on the run, this final mission comes from Agent Smith who was last spotted on the side of the road when 47 threw him out of the getaway van for mission ten. While we are ostensibly working for the US government now, the face off with Mark Parchezzi (the third) would have happened sooner or later due to his "nearly complete clone" status. Set in the Whitehouse, our mission is to take out the Vice President, a cats paw of The Franchise, and March Parchezzi who has been sent to kill the President.

Hitman Blood Money is classified as "18" in the UK and "Mature" in the US which means that it is unsuitable for minors; fairly warned be thee.

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Another half-decent narration with very few "actually"s, I have noticed that I've switched to using "and" to conjoin a lot of my sentences which gives the entire narration a long, garden-path feel to it. Due to the unscripted nature of my monologues, I'm more than likely using the extended "and"s as a moment of repose to figure out where I'm going with things; this is why I'll start down one route (e.g. speaking about one of the guards looking at the payment briefcase in Mission 9) and then get distracted with something else (probably shiny) and abandon my original route. As with all previous narrations I say "uniform" when I really mean disguise, although in some situations "uniform" is just as valid as "disguise"; I also say "library staff" at one point which is a throwback to my first narration attempt when I muddled the Whitehouse museum with a library.


Play time: 12:20
Rating: Silent Assassin
Retrieved suit: Yes
Accidents: 0
Close Combat Kills: 1
Bullets fired: 1

It's difficult to know where to start with this level, on the one hand the premise and execution feels very contrived and unrealistic, while on the other the mission itself is decent. I think it probably would have been better had the location not been the Whitehouse and perhaps a presidential retreat of some sort, but that's here nor there. Really, there is only one way to do this mission and get silent assassin, the only variables are which disguises you get at what point.

About the only way to accident kill the vice president is to push him down the stairs he takes when walking the dog, but like other stair-pushing possibilities, it is far from guaranteed to kill him and you have the added annoyance of the small yapper-type dog following the VP around. Parchezzi can't be accident killed and can only be eliminated by chasing him through the West Wing or through creative use of bombs, the latter causing bodies to be found which lowers your rating.