Hitman Contracts playthrough: Mission 10

Mission ten: The Seafood Massacre. The chief of police has begun negotiations with the two triads to try and curb their rapidly escalating war. A meeting between all three factions, Red Dragon, Blue Lotus and the Police is taking place on neutral territory, a restaurant, with a strong police presence. This restaurants health and safety rating is about to take a serious hit.

Hitman Contracts contains mature content and is wholly unsuitable for minors, some of these videos also contain flashing lights; fairly warned be thee.

Download the higher quality version (63MB, XviD video, VBR MP3 audio)


The narration that I do for this mission has been edited slightly to remove some slight pauses in my speech; the reason for this is that the video that I narrated to wasn't the final version, I had forgotten to chop out a cut scene with the Police Chief which had the knock on effect of mis-timing my narration after that. This was compounded by the shortness of the mission and having more to say that I didn't get to which is why I tend to gloss over the details as the mission comes to a close.

A few slip ups here and there, the most prominent one calling the rat poison "rat point" which sounds like a new Logitech haptic device. There aren't any major slip-ups but its certainly not one of my best narrations.


Play time: 4:28
Rating: Silent Assassin
Difficulty: Professional
Shots fired: 0
Alerts: 0

When I go to drag the Red Dragon negotiators body into the sewer, I spend a good few seconds messing about as the ladder logic keeps taking hold and pushing me to move down the ladder which happens twice before I reposition 47 for an arm drag.

I mention that it is possible to pick the outer kitchen door lock; this is shown better in a later mission but it's possible to cause guards to look to where you want them to by catching their attention and focusing it behind them, then moving to the front out of their attention which means they will remain obliviously looking behind them. It's quick and easy to do for the two police guards facing the kitchen door however it's not necessary if you can pick the lock with impunity before they show up.

The waiter is worth mentioning as he has two states: the first is wiping the bar down and the second is talking to the police guard positioned on the first floor. You can sneak by him in either state however the latter state is better for sneaking back into the kitchen as it means you're not skirting his visual range. One of the problems with sneaking is it maintains the police guard's interest which isn't so much a problem but worth noting.

When placing the drinks on the table, be absolutely certain you're placing the drinks and not the amulet as the menu options are directly next to each other; placing the amulet will cause the two at the table to start shooting you without pause.

If you decide to put on the Red Dragon negotiator clothing you'll get the conversation about Hitman being European which I mention in Mission 9, The Wang Fou Incident. As the negotiator you get little freedom, the only benefit is getting the upstairs bathroom key from the waiter; pretty much everything else is off limits so it's probably easier to spec out this mission as a chef than anybody else.

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