Hitman Contracts playthrough: Mission 8

Mission eight: Slaying a Dragon. The Blue Lotus and Red Dragon triads are going to war whether they like it or not. The first of four missions set in the bleak, dystopia of Hong Kong, a Red Dragon negotiator is about to find out how dangerous walking in the park and drinking tea really are.

Hitman Contracts contains mature content and is wholly unsuitable for minors, some of these videos also contain flashing lights; fairly warned be thee.

Download the higher quality version (20MB, XviD video, VBR MP3 audio)


At just over two minutes I went through many different iterations of the narration, trying to cram in as much pertinent information in the time available which is why there is only a single "um" and no extended vowels or garden-path sentences. I use the term "cadaver" in an odd way which is grammatically correct but not the most common way of using the term.


Play time: 1:59
Rating: Silent Assassin
Difficulty: Professional
Shots fired: 0
Alerts: 0

"As difficult as you want to make it" is the mantra for this level. A streamlined reprise of the very first Hitman level, the route to the single target is open and varied; whether you take a disguise or simply camp out on one of the many towers overlooking the park is up to you, you can even go the whole hog and try to plant a car bomb but the gardener route is swift and relatively painless.

The second gardener who I mention may cause you trouble starts the level only a few feet from the park entrance which means there's no chance of catching him before he enters the park, not without alerting some of the guards at least. His routine is to tend a patch of soggy ground, stand up and then work on another patch close by; I can only assume during the standing phase he sometimes manages to catch me spiking the tea.

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