On hiatus

Short version: /ragequit

Longer version: The vagaries of life - house hunting and purchasing, social responsibilities, work and freelancing - have left little time for indulgences like blogging. I have far too great a backlog of games, anime, manga, novels, projects and paraphernalia for things to continue as-is.

Egomania: I started anime blogging as I felt there was space for a different voice - lucid and free from the thralls of fandom and jargon. Realistically though, I have neither the charisma, the wit, the insight, the enthusiasm, the social skills or the outright stamina to be anything more than second rate. Until I either square with that or live up to my own high expectations it would be disingenuous to continue.

Comments will remain off for the duration, articles and posts will remain as-is, I am on the Twitter if the need arises. If you enjoyed reading anything, you have my deepest thanks and I hope to return at some point in the future.