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Hello my name is John and I'm a Moonie. I've been clean for eleven years now, but I can see that ending soon.

I had found I could tune into a German dub of the show - uncut from the original Japanese version and already well past what was available in English

It all started when I was a young strip of a lad, barely thirteen years old, and still reeling from the discovery of series like Guyver and Devilman on the satellite-only TV station, Bravo. Certainly they both had a schlocky thrill for a newly pubescent boy but the then nascent internet provided a much richer idea of what was on offer from Japan.

An anime image site at that time was a rare and precious thing, not least because web space was measured in single digit megabytes and hosting archives of freely accessible images seemed unfathomably generous. The one I first spotted Sailor Moon on has long since succumbed to time and its name lost to memory, but it was the only title on there with a triple digit number of images.

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