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Why hello jetlag

Not enough time to upload photos from yesterday, I only took some ones around a shrine I visited as Akiba and Harajuku aren't exactly photogenic. It's strange how jetlag can make some things seem so massive, in the late night fugue I began to question all manner of things, aspects of my life etc. Those twilight hours and likely compounded by fatigue and isolation made everything seem so huge and important, and I instantly wanted to retreat back and go for the familiar. Thankfully my pragmatism kicked back in and now I'm off to the fish market for an early start.

My brain was working so well but it seems my typing dexterity is hindering me getting across exactly what I mean. More later!

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Darker than Black - thoughts and theories

Darker than Black is fundamentally Hei's story
I mentioned in my review of Darker than Black that it's a series which is as complicated and metaphorical as you wish it to be really and given the ending which seemed to finish the series without completing it, there's plenty of tid-bits to sift through and question. It was made clear that another episode of the series, number twenty six, would be released on DVD, however word is that this is a side-story rather than the much anticipated explanation so many desire.

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