Hitman Blood Money playthrough: Mission 7

Mission seven: Death on the Mississippi. Set on a paddle-steamer slinking along the Mississippi river, the mission is to eliminate Skip Muldoon, the flamboyant captain, and six of his gang called the "Gators". A footnote to this otherwise tricky and involved mission is to retrieve some photographs from a safe within Skip's quarters...

Hitman Blood Money is classified as "18" in the UK and "Mature" in the US which means that it is unsuitable for minors; fairly warned be thee.

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A "but" and "so" heavy narration (17 and 12 times respectively), but "actually" I utter only 7 times which is still too many but getting better. I make an error when describing one of the Gator gang deaths, I say it's the "second of our targets" when it's in fact the third; I somehow forget how to count when playing Hitman as I a number of playthroughs I forgot how many targets I'd taken out. I also use "unerring" which is incorrect in the context I used it and "annoying" or "unnerving" would have probably been better choices.


Play time: 10:32
Rating: Silent Assassin
Retrieved suit: Yes
Accidents: 0
Close Combat Kills: 7
Bullets fired: 0

The number of targets on this mission make it very difficult to achieve on Pro, primarily because you can't save and there's no chance of breaking down the targets into nice blocks. The first target is the only one I use any kind of trick on by stalling them, and I did that through trial and error to find the best way to eliminate him quickly and efficiently. The rest of the targets are taken out through positioning and knowledge of where the other targets are at a given point which comes from just playing the level. As I mention, adapting your strategy on the fly is essential to getting through this level as seven close combat kills is not easy to achieve.

I know the route I take back to the escape isn't the best, but it's the one I know and it does the job. You notice I hardly go anywhere within the bowels of the ship and stick mostly to the outer areas, this is just because I found while in any disguise, wandering about the cabins pushed the attention meter up too high and caused too many problems which is my reasoning behind not taking that route to reach the exit.

I mention in the narration that the photo retrieval mission objective is a bit pointless as by the time you've killed Skip, you've got full access to his quarters which makes getting the photos trivial. The only problem would be if you did Skip first, as one of the gang members cycles in and out of his quarters as well which means you could potentially get caught or the body be found if you don't kill the gang members first.

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