Hitman Contracts playthrough: Mission 6

Mission six: Deadly Cargo. The second and final Rotterdam mission sees 47 assassinating a maniac on a cargo ship with a nuclear weapon in the midst of a special forces raid. The chaos may be all that's needed for one death to avert millions.

Hitman Contracts contains mature content and is wholly unsuitable for minors, some of these videos also contain flashing lights; fairly warned be thee.

Download the higher quality version (64MB, XviD video, VBR MP3 audio)


A few gaffs in this narration, the most notable being when I describe difficulty levels and indirectly claim that you can save on "Professional" difficulty which you can't, I meant to say "Easy" and "Normal" instead of "Normal" and "Professional". I refer to the special forces as "SWAT" which isn't technically true but their role in the level is such that it could easily be transposed to America where SWAT exists; the Dutch special forces go by the moniker Politie BBE. I also refer to a streetlight as a "light post" which was my attempt to be politically correct but just came out sounding retarded.


Play time: 6:53
Rating: Silent Assassin
Difficulty: Professional
Shots fired: 0
Alerts: 0

As mentioned in the narration this can be a daunting mission to start playing as the gradual refinement process that I usually use can be insufficient when you have vast changes to the level structure happening at a predetermined time. The mission briefing will tell you to fit a GPS tracker to the car which is easier said than done if you don't know you can talk to the lady in the window but it's more or less useless unless you plan to track the car and disarm the bomb once it's on the ship.

The route that I took keeps me out of the special forces' line of sight, the alternative is to sedate a terrorist and steal their disguise and head on to the ship before the assault takes place. This requires a lot more speed but the end-game is more or less the same as you either take the detonator and trust the men with guns not to shoot you or you try and grab another disguise after disarming the bomb and killing Boris.

Out of the three warehouses which line the dock, the central one contains a number of terrorists while the other two are rife with police and special forces; all of them can be accessed using the sewers.

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